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Alex Kresovich (born in Harlingen, Texas on August 28, 1986) is an American hip-hop music producer from Ithaca, NY. Alex has produced songs for Grammy nominee Remy Ma, as well as for underground acts across the nation, including S-Caliber (Harlem, NY), Kwame Darko (Bethesda, MD), PHZ-Sicks (Woodbridge, VA), and Blaze Rock (Phoenix, AZ). Whether he’s studying legendary producers or his up-and-coming peers, Alex is always looking for new inspiration that will help him enhance his musical capabilities. The "learning process," as he calls it, is never over — and this is something he embraces. Read more.

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Friday, April 30, 2010

"The Crowned Prince"

Download (HERE)


  1. Unknown said...

    Excellent job!

  2. erbun said...

    Dope mix! I really dig the beats. Could you put up the instrumentals for each track? I like to listen to music when I study, and lyrics usually disrupt my reading, so I prefer instrumental tracks

  3. Alex K said...

    Instrumental link: http://bit.ly/a3GUXi

  4. Unknown said...

    could instrumentals be posted again? current link doesnt work at all. thank you

  5. Unknown said...

    Did you try copying and pasting the link directly into the browser? I just tried that and it worked for me.

  6. Unknown said...

    Awesome mixtape my man

  7. Unknown said...

    there r certain songs thAT sound kinda amature but there r others that sounds fukin pimp!def love number 6. beast tune. any plans on another themes? id love to hear a perfect dark, kingdom hearts, ff9, ff10 etc. what program u use to mix?

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